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Welcome to the newly designed AutismClassroom.com! This site is designed to provide assistance to educators who are educating children with autism and since parents are a child's first teacher, this site is for you too!  On this site you will find information about teaching children with autism and developmental disabilities, running a successful autism classroom, setting up spaces in the home and community for a child with autism, locate books and apps helpful in educating children with autism and find training options. We are the home of the books How to Set up a Classroom for Students with Autism (Second Edition), How to Set up a Work Area at Home for a Child with Autism, Lesson Ideas and Activities for Young Children with Autism and Colors Outside.  We are also home of the mobile apps Autism Classroom, Teens with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Behavior Support for Autism, Colors Outside and Classroom Set Up for Autism & Self-Contained Classrooms.

We believe that access to quality information should be available to all parents.  We strive to provide practical and useful information that can help in the lives of those with autism and their families, friends and communities. See our products page here. 

The Pinterest Page with Pictures of Classroom Supports for Autism Classrooms can be found here.



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Yes, we do accept purchase orders for AutismClassroom's paperbacks.  School systems and service organizations please use this form or your organization's form to submit a purchase order.    

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Designing Home Spaces

A parent and family centered page that helps families create and design successful spaces in their homes and communities for their child with autism.

Click here for the Home Space Design Page