The Autism Class app is not available at this time.


KEY FEATURES of this app:

- Strategies for educators and parents at your fingertips.

-Videos about Communication, Social Skills, Play Skills, How To Set Up a Work Area at Home and Making Place to Place Transitions Smoother.

-Podcasts featuring various topics related to teaching students with autism.

-Picture examples of supports and strategies.

-Behavior support questions to help you sort through ideas about challenging behaviors. (NOTE: We cannot and do not recommend treatments for behavior. Just questions to ask yourself and your team/family.)

-5 lesson ideas to jump-start a lesson for each of the following areas:


fine motor,


joint attention,



independent skills,

pre-vocational skills,

social skills,

sensory involvement,

basic concepts,


gross motor,

and seasonal activities

- In-app purchases for non-interactive e-books for kids about colors, same/different, big/little, motor imitation and more. (Pages are not interactive. They are designed to be worked on together as the child points to the answer, but the adult advances the screen.) E-books may provide a supplement to instruction for some students working on the skills in each e-book.

-Tips for turning the various areas of home into learning spaces.

Whether you are a teacher, para-educator, administrator, clinician or family member of a student with special needs - this "AutismClass" app is for you, for free.

See the app here on the app store.

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