Not sure where to go or what to look for? Sometimes, your school will give you the chance to order supplies for your autism classroom.  Many times, if you are new to teaching students with autism, you may not know where to look for these items.  Remember, you can also order books, if needed.  The following items are recommended for ordering materials to get the classroom or work at home area up and running.  (Disclaimer: The following items are from our affiliate.  We may receive commission from the links purchased.)


Setting Up a Classroom Related Products:
                            Schedule Holder     Calendar Pocket Chart  Folders             Pocket Folders     Color Clip Boards      Clip BoardsTable Pocket Chart     Plastic Binders

Instruction Related Products:

     Communication Cards    Sensory Toy   Sensory Squeezie Koosh Ball  Pointers Imitation Game Picture Cards         Action Words           Photo Cards Short Pencils              Task Ideas 


Virtual Instruction and Home Instruction Related Products:

 Communication Book  Visual Schedules Home Schedules Pocket Chart Sentences Pocket Chart Dry Erase Board Lap Boards Dry Erase Index Cards Plastic Pockets Dry Erase Markers


Office Supply Related Products:

Sharpies  HighlightersSelf-stick Dots Permanent Markers  Colorful Paper  1-inch 1-inch Plastic Folders3-hole punch  Bulk Tape Packing Tape  Paper  Laminator  Laminating Film Index Cards Bins BinsStorage Colorful Bins  Retractable Storage  Corrugated Storage  Colorful Containers

Furniture Related Products:   

Chairs  Chairs Cart Storage  FilingSeating Shelving BeanbagStorage ShelfTable  Kidney TableHorseshoe Table  Small TableBunjee Chair 

Catalog and Website Related Products:  

Learning Products and Visual Supports

Picture Symbols, Assistive Technology

Sensory Toys, Games

Sensory Tools

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