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Welcome Educators, Clinicians and Parents. Autism Classroom is a website designed to provide you with ideas, inspiration and resources for educating children with autism and related special needs. Browse around for social skills activities, find workbooks and printables, check out the blog, or get right into tips for setting up an autism classroom!

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We are the place where parents and teachers learn about teaching students with autism. From our digital Foundation to Impact - Autism Teacher Prep Course, to our beginning guide to Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans, to our downloadable ebooks and articles about setting up a classroom, there is something here to learn for everyone.

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Teaching social skills, play skills, language skills, imitation skills, and communication skills is critial for many students. Building these areas helps to give students skills they can use for life. Get the support you need to be more confident in teaching these skills to your students.

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Autism Classroom at Home

Tips for parents, families, or in-home service providers to help with instruction at home, designing the home environment, providing effective strategies at home and building skills in the home.

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We offer a variety of support for school teams and families. Included are student workbooks for social skills, language skills and writing, digital downloads of printable worksheets, journals, and “how to” books for teachers, paraprofessionals and parents.

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Building social skills is a key component of both creating a great autism classroom and providing tools to help autistic students excel!

We've created a collection of resources with a special focus on social interaction, communication, language, play, and imitation to build and improve these essential social skills.

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