Support and information for the book How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism (3rd Edition) can be found below.


Recipe for Success Teaching Students with Autism

First Things First

Ordering Materials for Teaching Children with Autism

Office Supplies

Pictures of Real Classrooms

Pictures of Visual Supports

Labels for the Classroom

Strategy 1 Support 

Free Behavior Support Checklist

List of Evaluations Link

Fine Motor Development Checklist

Communication Assessment Considerations

Assessment Considerations

Strategy 2 Support

Free Schedules

Individualized Schedule

Opening (Morning Circle) Schedule

Sample Schedules Pictures

Blank Schedule Forms

Lunch Schedule

Staff Breaks Schedule

Strategy 3 Support 

Independent Structured Work Tasks Ideas

Products That Can Be Made into Work Tasks

Products For Organizing Centers

Visual Strategies Link #1

Visual Strategies Link #2

Strategy 4 Support

Blank Data Sheets

Instructional Data Sheets

Behavior Data Sheets

Prompting Strategies Link #1

Prompting Strategies Link #2

Strategy 5 Support

Roles and Responsibilities

Debriefing Schedule

Debriefing Notes 

Free Pre-packaged Professional Development that You Can Deliver

Strategy 6 Support

Evidence Based Practice Modules

Professional Learning Modules

Strategy 7 Support

Products with Communication Supports

Products with Token Boards

Playtime Communication Board (Fire Fighters)

Natural Aided Language

Picture Communication

Picture Symbols

Topic Boards

Play Skills Strategies Link 1

Play Skills Strategies Link 2

Teaching Play Skills Support

Strategy 8 Support

Transition Support

FBA and Behavior Plan Links

Products for Behavior Support


Strategy 9 Support

Sensory Differences Link #1

Sensory Differences Link #2

Sensory Support Link #1

Sensory Support Link #2

Products for Lessons with Sensory Input


Strategy 10 Support

Activity Based Instruction

Photos/Videos of Autism Classrooms


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